More Than A Multivitamin

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When we talk about our product family here at Ritual, we find ourselves saying that they're “more than just multivitamins.” Yes, Ritual is a multivitamin that includes multiple nutrients, which means the term “multivitamin” applies. But Ritual strives to offer way more than traditional multivitamins.

It’s in the Science

Instead of having to assemble together everything you need, the beauty of Ritual is that we offer several nutrients formulated with a certain life stage in mind—housed in just two daily capsules.

Want a specific example? Traditional multivitamins may not contain certain nutrients like omega-3 DHA, because it can be difficult and costly to include in a multivitamin with other nutrients. Our 2-in-1 formulation process makes it possible—and our omega-3 DHA is vegan, too. (It's sourced from microalgae, FYI.)

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What makes our multivitamins different?

We source our nutrients carefully, making sure they are the ideal forms for your body. Ritual includes nutrients that are found in our body’s cells and in healthy foods. And true to our Made Traceable promise, we make it our mission to lift the curtain to our formulation process.

But let's get back to our nutrients for a sec. Folate is an excellent example. You’ll often see folate's synthetic cousin, Folic Acid, in supplements instead of folate itself. This can be problematic, as up to one-third of people can't efficiently utilize Folic Acid due to gene variations—and some people don’t even know if they have that gene variation to begin with. That's why Ritual uses a more bioavailable form of folate called 5MTHF. Nutrient forms matter, and that's just one example of how we aim to take the guesswork out of multivitamins.

Leading with science

Our in-house research and development team works tirelessly to ensure that we're at the cutting edge of the latest science—from poring over thousands of studies to create lifestage-specific formulas, to considering nitty-gritty details like dietary preferences and genetic considerations (like the folate scenario mentioned above).

Knowing that our multivitamins deliver is so important to us, that we invested in a university-led clinical study to quantify the impact of Essential for Women. Essential for Women was shown to increase Vitamin D and Omega-3 DHA levels in 12 weeks, significantly more than a placebo group.*

Bottom line? We’re total skeptics, and we expect our customers to be too. We’re proud of the nutrients we’ve sourced and the science behind them, which is why we encourage you to check out our ingredients page and traceable supply chain for yourself. We think our customers deserve to know what they’re putting into their bodies and why, along with the environmental impact of their order.