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You’ve heard of the Amalfi Coast, but what about Ogden, Utah, where the Iron is always hot? Around here, Traceability is our North Star. Our leading scientists scour the world for first-class ingredients and dive deep for innovative formulations with rigorous testing. Made Traceable® is an invitation to see for yourself the explorations, detours, and choices about what goes in your body. Get the details like a local, not a tourist. Boron Voyage!

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This radical concept is our bread and vegan butter. We publicly share the source, supplier, and final place of manufacturing of ingredients for our active and other ingredients with you and our competitors. We invest in and partner with suppliers who care as much about their supply chains as we do.

Case Study

Peek into the peas that make up our Essential Protein. Our supplier PURIS, in Turtle Lake, WI, partners with family farms in the U.S. that use regenerative agriculture practices: encouraging crop diversity, using carbon-capturing cover crops, and avoiding over-farming.

Our Canadian-developed Omega-3 DHA in our Essential Multivitamins cuts out the middle fish

Our novel 3-in-1 Synbiotic+ includes a Postbiotic, Corebiome™ Tributyrin, from Spain

Take a trip to Missouri and get to know ourCholine supplier

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Our approach to certifications shows you that someone else is looking under the hood. We believe that traceable science must be backed by credible third party validation.

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Certified B Corporation is a comprehensive evaluation of Ritual's impact on customers, workers, governance, community, and the environment.

Essential for Women 18+: USP (United States Pharmacopeia) is a third-party quality certification that sets one of the highest bars for product transparency.

Essential Protein: Informed Sport is a global leader for quality certification in sports nutrition.


Our Goals

03Our Goals

These goals are big and aspirational, some are even uncharted territory for our industry, but we’re committed to finding science-backed solutions for a better future. You bring the snacks, we’ll build the map.

Industry-leading transparency starts with publicly sharing the supplier name and final place of manufacturing for active and other ingredients. Supply chains are complex. Ingredients go through varying levels of processing facilities, which is why we define “final place of manufacturing” as where the ingredient is tested and finally processed for sale.

As part of our traceability promise, we are working to understand where our ingredients come from beyond the final place of manufacturing, down to the source. While we aren’t there yet, we’re on our way.