Make Your Self (v): To commit to yourself every day, with good habits and relentless self-determination.

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Dian Griesel Is a Model, Businesswoman, Author… and Still Figuring It All OutArrow Right

The 58-year-old's secret? Lean into the discomfort.

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Tiana Warren on Meeting a Career Milestone and Giving Birth in the Same WeekArrow Right

The model, radio host, and new mom on embracing a multi-hyphenate career.

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The greatest tool in a woman’s toolbox isn’t a cosmetic or a brush. It’s self-determination—the daily commitment you make to yourself, and the hard work and rituals that create the foundation for that journey. Make a promise to your future self. Build a habit. Turn it into a ritual. Make Your Self.

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Angelique Miles Wants to Tell You How Old She IsArrow Right

After a decades-long music industry career, the 52-year-old is on to her most exciting chapter yet.

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Want to Change Your Life? Sarah Sapora Can Help With ThatArrow Right

"It’s all these tiny unglamorous choices that get us there," says the yogi and advocate for size inclusivity.

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Kassia Meador's Surfing Career Taught Her More About Business Than an MBAArrow Right

Hear her out—it actually makes sense.

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How Being a Little Selfish Makes Katerina Schneider a Better CEOArrow Right

Our founder on putting her own oxygen mask on first.

To make yourself, you start small with good habits. We’re here to help.

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Here's What It Actually Takes to Form a New HabitArrow Right

Let's dig into the science.

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9 Really Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably Every DayArrow Right

Doing better for the planet is easier than you think.

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The Science of Staying Hydrated (and How to Be Better at It)Arrow Right

File under: habits we love.

There are some things better left unsupplemented. It might be weird to admit, but we’re actually all about a food-first approach.

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Most Women Are Getting Enough Calcium From Their DietArrow Right

Here's why you should focus on certain "helper nutrients."

To make something great, you’ve got to start from the ground up. From sourcing quality ingredients to supporting genetic variations, we’ve got you covered.

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How Ritual Defines High-Quality IngredientsArrow Right

We crossed the globe to find them, for starters.

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How to Deal With Vitamin BurpsArrow Right

They're gross, but here's how to deal.

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Ritual and Sustainability: Let's Do Better for the PlanetArrow Right

We're taking big steps.

The Ritual Method

4 min read

First, our in-house science team reviews thousands of human research studies.

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