Can Vitamins Support Your Energy? Here's the Truth

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Can vitamins boost your energy? Here's the truth.
Can vitamins boost your energy? Here's the truth.

File this under “Ritual FAQs”, right alongside “when should I take my vitamins?” and “will I feel anything?” The short answer is that while some of our customers have reported feeling a difference after taking their multivitamins for a few weeks, some don’t notice any change at all. All this means is that our bodies (and perceptions) are unique—your multivitamin is still helping to provide support on the DL, whether you feel a difference or not.*

That’s why when we talk about “energy” and what’s happening in your body, it’s more important from our POV to trade that wide-angle lens for a microscopic one. We’re talking nutritional and cellular support rather than the hit you might get from a cup of coffee. The bottom line is that when you’re helping to fill the gaps in your diet, you’re contributing to nutrient equilibrium—which spells out to support for a lot of different functions in the body.*

One specific nutrient worth calling out is vitamin B12, which is associated with energy-yielding metabolism and normal cell division. You probably remember from Biology 101 that cells are the building blocks of life and in turn, every single thing that happens in the body, right? Well, B12 helps support this process. That’s why B12 shortfalls can manifest as feeling foggy and generally “off.”

That’s just one example of all the little pieces that add up to a supported body. And that’s really the goal with our multivitamins: to help fill nutrient gaps so you can know you’re investing in yourself, even if you don’t necessarily feel all that hard work happening behind the scenes.