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Can I Take Ritual Multivitamins If I’m a Man?

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Hey there, guys. Have you heard the news? We’re officially welcoming you into the Ritual fam with the launch of Essential for Men 18+ and Essential for Men 50+, our new suite of multivitamins formulated to help fill gaps in men’s diets.*

Why is that a big deal? Because while our product world started with Essential for Women—and many of us have certain dietary gaps in common—you also deserve a multivitamin formulated with you in mind. Men have slightly different nutrient needs, after all, which is why we include more of some ingredients in Essential for Men, and skip others. Allow us to explain.

Men’s diets may be falling behind.

Whether you identify as super fit or even just healthyish, the truth is that many of us may have blind spots when it comes to our diets. For example, men tend to score lower on the Healthy Eating Index (which compares daily nutrient recommendations with the way Americans are actually eating) when it comes to fruits, vegetables, and whole grains intake.* (1)

Of course, the best solve for that is to refocus on a balanced, well-varied diet. But since other factors like genetic considerations, dietary preferences (hello, vegans!), and lifestyle can all come into play, even the most virtuous style of eating isn’t necessarily a sure thing when it comes to meeting all your nutrient needs. That’s where a multivitamin can come in handy—especially one that considers common nutrient gaps found in men’s diets and the other factors mentioned above.* (Hint: It’s Essential for Men.)

Let’s talk about zinc.

To put it simply, men may need a little more of it. Zinc helps support normal immune function, bone health, and vision health—so it’s important for all of us. But women have a lower RDA, and are more likely to meet their zinc needs through their diets. That’s why we include it in Essential for Men, but skip it in Essential for Women.*

Iron, on the other hand…

We all need iron to help support red blood cell formation and energy-yielding metabolism. But women under 50 need a little more on a daily basis, whereas guys are usually cool to meet their daily recommended iron intakes through foods like meat, seafood, beans, nuts, and leafy greens.*

Are you over 50?

You’re in luck—our 50+ formula contains the same 10 nutrients we include in Essential for Men 18+. The difference is that we include higher amounts of certain nutrients to help support things like bone health, as well as other evolving nutrient needs. We want to help you feel supported as you age, so that you can keep doing all the things that make you you.*

A note on protein.

While paying attention to micronutrients is critical, it’s also important to mind your macros, too. Consuming enough protein is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Why? Protein plays many roles in the body, including helping to regulate muscle protein metabolism, muscle mass, and muscle strength. Also, as we get older, muscle breakdown naturally increases due to something called anabolic resistance, making it harder to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Supplementing with a high-quality protein powder, like Essential Protein 18+, can be a smart way to help support dietary gaps as you age—no matter what stage of life you're in.

The bottom line

To be clear, taking Essential for Women as a guy wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea, since men and women have similar needs when it comes to some nutrients. But now that we’ve introduced a multivitamin made specifically for men, it’s kind of a no-brainer—especially when it comes to nutrients like zinc.*


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