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Can I Take Essential For Women If I’m a Man?

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Essential Takeaways

  • Men need similar nutrients as women, but typically aren’t found in a regular men’s multivitamin.
  • Men need more zinc than women do.
  • Women need more iron than men do.

Welcome, men. While we rarely talk to you (sorry), we aren’t completely oblivious to your nutrient needs here at Ritual HQ. Some of the guys on our team even take Essential for Women on a daily basis. Which brings us to our next point: can men take Essential for Women (EFW)? Let’s get into it.

While we can’t say that Essential for Women was exactly made for you, the differences between men and women when it comes to nutrient needs are actually more minimal than you might imagine. So, if you want to take a better multivitamin, here’s what you need to know about Ritual.

It might not have everything you need

Essential for Women was formulated for people who have something close to the body size of your average American female. Men, on average, weigh more and are larger than women, which means you might actually need higher doses of some of the nutrients in Ritual. The good news is that under-doing it on some of these nutrients won’t hurt you, and even a small amount of supplementation can promote and maintain your overall health.

That said, Essential for Women does not include some nutrients that men need. The main nutrient we’re talking about here is zinc. While women usually get enough zinc in their diets (which is why there isn’t any in EFW), men require slightly more of this mineral. If you decide to take EFW, just know that you might want to try to eat foods high in zinc to make up for the lack of zinc in EFW. For meat-eaters, the best sources are shellfish (especially oysters), red meat, and dark poultry meat. If you’re a veggie or vegan, try to load up on foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.

You might need less iron

Women need more iron than men do. Ritual contains 8 mg of iron, which is actually not a huge dose. That said, it still might be slightly more than you need. Because you don’t pee out excess iron, it is possible to consume too much of it. Check with your doctor if you’re concerned.

Did you know?

Unlike other vitamins, Essential for Women delivers nine nutrients in one bottle.

Gimme More

It still has a lot of good stuff you’re not getting from other multivitamins

Essential for Women contains the very best forms of the very best nutrients. Many of our nutrients are things that men need but aren’t in a regular men’s multivitamin. This includes nutrients like omega-3s for heart health, boron for bone health, and MTHF folate for brain health. Many men’s multivitamins also don’t include enough (or the right kind of) vitamin D3 or vitamin K2--both of which men need as much as women.

Check with a doc

Now that you have all the information go ahead and check with your doc about taking EFW. With a full history of your health needs, your doc has a better understanding of your nutrient levels. In the meantime, rest assured that our product development team is keeping you guys in mind.