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Get to Know Ritual’s Magnesium with Albion

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Could you tell us a little bit about your company and how it’s different from other players in the nutraceutical space?

Dr. Bortz: Albion Minerals®, a subsidiary of Balchem, is known as the company that developed chelated minerals to support bioavailability and tolerability. With products in the human nutrition market for decades and the subject of about 150 clinical studies published in peer reviewed journals, Balchem has truly set the bar for scientific standards of efficacy and safety.

We also have a scientific department dedicated to understanding absorption kinetics, human metabolism and physiology. We have a robust intellectual property portfolio of over 162 US and international patents and dozens still pending for novel new ways to improve mineral nutrition.

How is the DMM form of Magnesium different from other forms?

Ren Gonzalez: DMM is a novel composition because it has Magnesium salts on both ends of the molecule. One of the main reasons you would take DMM is because it has a high potency of Magnesium. One of the other common supplementation sources is Magnesium oxide, which is potent but less bioavailable. Other forms are more bioavailable, but can cause GI issues. DMM allows you to have a high concentration of Magnesium without some of the effects that can happen with other non-organic minerals on the market.*

Can we find this form of Magnesium in the foods we eat? What kinds of foods?

Ren: Apples are the first that come to mind. But also apricots, watermelon, blueberries. Magnesium is also found in foods. So it’s possible that Magnesium malate is found in the same foods.

How is the DMM made?

Ren: DMM is made using an acid/base reaction between basic Magnesium and malic acid. Sort of like mixing vinegar with baking soda, but a lot more complicated than that.

Can you tell us a little bit about how the Magnesium is sourced? Is it natural or synthetic? If natural, what is it derived from?

Ren: The Magnesium is made in an industrial process but is derived from natural sources. Most magnesium that you get is extracted from seawater. In that form, it exists as Magnesium chloride, and then it’s processed to get to the pure Magnesium. DMM comes from combining malic acid and Magnesium. Malic acid comes primarily from fruits. Our malic acid comes from a synthetic source because it’s more affordable and easier to control purity and limit contamination than getting it from a natural source. We’re really using malic acid as a delivery system. Malic acid is malic acid whether it comes from fruit or a lab.

Does the ingredient have any certifications?

Ren: Yes, DMM is non-GMO certified.

What kinds of human studies have you conducted on your ingredient?

Dr. Bortz: Several human studies with Albion’s Magnesium chelates have shown that the chelates are more bioavailable than Magnesium oxide, another form. They have also showed that Magnesium chelates are easier on your GI system.*

Albion Minerals® is a registered trademark of Albion Laboratories, Inc


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