9 Successful Women on the Habits That Make Them

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We asked 9 successful women what their go-to habits are—and their answers are very revealing.
We asked 9 successful women what their go-to habits are—and their answers are very revealing.

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What do a professional surfer, TV host, political activist, and beauty entrepreneur all have in common? As we’ve interviewed incredible women from all walks of life, we’ve noticed that regardless of their different CVs, aspirations, and the barriers they’ve broken, they all share the same kind of value in daily rituals. On the sometimes-grueling road to making themselves, these are the small moments and habits that allow them to stay grounded.

Some swear by a consistent workout routine, others prefer to journal or meditate. But perhaps the most valuable piece of advice these women can share is that in the face of endless to-do lists and packed agendas, time ceases to be a factor: Whether they have two hours or two minutes, there’s always an opportunity to take a moment for themselves.

Read through their go-to rituals below.

Move your body.

“For me, [exercise] has become a ritual: I try to work out five to six mornings a week. I do different things, but that's really important to me. When I don't do that, I don't feel good. Even all through One Kings Lane, and the ascent of the business and traveling like crazy, I always found time even if it was just get on an elliptical or something for 30 minutes. That's probably my biggest thing."

Susan Feldman, cofounder of One Kings Lane and founder of Get in the Groove

Stay engaged.

“I grew up in a household where there was a strong and constant emphasis on activism and political engagement. Now that I’m a mother, I’m always thinking about how I can create the same environment for my girls. They’re still very young, but part of it starts with conversations about what it means to be a leader and to do good in your community.”

Meena Harris, lawyer, activist, and founder of the Phenomenal Woman campaign

Nourish yourself.

"After I wake up, I like to make a warm drink—usually matcha. Taking my Ritual multivitamin is part of that whole supplementation space. If anything, it's a mindset. I know I've done this for myself today."*

Gloria Noto, makeup artist and founder of NOTO Botanics

Gloria Noto's Morning Routine

Start the morning with a moment of meditation.

“I've been meditating for close to 30 years now. So whether it's a form of self-hypnosis, which I do a lot of and teach, or just sitting and meditating or rocking in a chair till I get myself into that state of meditation, I do that regularly."

Dian Griesel, model, businesswoman, and founder of Silver Disobedience

“Having a slow practice in the morning focused around my health and well being is really important to me. It's really how I take care of myself; it’s how I do everything. If that’s the foundation for my life and how I live it each and every day—waking up and treating myself with respect—then everything I put out into the world is going to have that same sweet energy. So it's really about the ritual of dedicating myself to myself and committing to my body, my mind and my spirit. From that solid foundation anything and everything is balanced and possible.”

Kassia Meador, pro surfer and founder of Kassia+Surf

Pick three.

"Randi Zuckerberg had an article saying to pick three things during a given week: yourself, your career, your kids, or your relationship. If you’re trying to focus on all four you’re going to feel like a failure. Pick three to succeed and feel mentally balanced."

Katerina Schneider, founder and CEO of Ritual

Say thanks.

"I wake up and say thank you. I work out. I try to read affirmations every day. It's just something to set the tone for the day."

Angelique Miles, fitness influencer and former music industry exec

Angelique Miles

Above all else: Simply find a moment for yourself—even if it really is just a moment.

“Self-care is difficult. It changes [after becoming a mother]; it makes you value the small things that qualify as self-care. Sometimes, [self-care] is just when I put him to bed and I get to watch an episode of Law & Order SVU. And sometimes the best self-care because I just moved is when my friends from New York come to visit and we can just hang out, and it reminds me who I am.”

Elise Peterson, artist and podcast host

“Even if it’s only three minutes, I try to start the day phone-free, open one of my favorite books, and focus on an affirmation or two. It’s kind of a ceremonious act that’s part gratitude and part aspiration for what lies ahead in the day to come."

Catt Sadler, TV host and journalist


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