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How Catt Sadler Mastered the Art of Putting Herself First

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TV host Catt Sadler gives us an intimate look inside how she starts her day.
TV host Catt Sadler gives us an intimate look inside how she starts her day.

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It would be safe to assume that building your own media empire leaves minimal time to, say, log off and meditate. But for Catt Sadler, all it takes is three minutes every morning—even if sometimes, that's quite literally all she has.

Sadler has spent the last several years piecing together an impressive multi-hyphenate career as a TV host, journalist, and brand guru—most recently, she launched a podcast called Naked, which applies an unflinchingly honest lens to successful women and the obstacles they've faced, in their own words. But despite a calendar that seems to be growing only all the more crowded, Sadler has continued to carve out a personal philosophy that has become, in turn, the backbone of her brand: that in order to go full speed ahead towards your goals, you also need to know when to recharge, check in, and do good for yourself.

The earliest hours of Sadler's mornings are devoted to exactly that, even while juggling the demands of her career and motherhood. Below, she shares an intimate look inside her morning routine—whether she has an hour or just a moment.


The first thing on my to-do list: head outside.

"One of the perks of living in gorgeous Southern California is being able to go outdoors all year long. There’s something very centering about waking up, brewing some coffee, taking my Ritual vitamin, and then heading into my backyard and taking in the beauty of the morning. For me, insisting on some stillness sets a vital tone to the day. I literally make it a point to stare at the plants or watch the birds or even notice the dew on the grass. I find it grounding. It puts what is about to be a busy day into perspective. Breathe!"

Got 3 minutes?

"Whether I’m sitting out back by my pool as the sun comes up or simply inside sipping coffee from my favorite chair, I try to carve out time for morning meditations. Even if it’s only three minutes, I try to start the day phone-free, open one of my favorite books, and focus on an affirmation or two (otherwise known as #cattfirmations). It’s kind of a ceremonious act that’s part gratitude and part aspiration for what lies ahead in the day to come."

Go on… be a little selfish.

"I know it’s not always easy but it is critical to our overall health! All of us have family and friends we care about or careers we love and therefore a lot of people looking to us and relying on us for a myriad of things. If I don’t prioritize my wellness, not only do I let myself down by becoming irritable or frustrated or exhausted or sick, but I let the people I love down. I am a better mother, girlfriend, and boss when I incorporate hot yoga, healthy foods, and essential vitamins like Ritual into my days. I feel phenomenal when I’m loving myself wholly!

"Women often have more legitimate demands inside and outside of the home. So yes, inevitably we are giving and giving and giving to those around us and therefore it’s easier to forget about how much sleep we truly need or how a hot bath is vital to relax or figuring out how to take a long hike to connect with nature but not feel guilty! Yes, it’s harder for women but I think we are making strides in this arena and getting much better at it than our mother’s generation.

"One of the reasons I launched my podcast Naked was to explore the stories of remarkable women who are making themselves and sharing in a raw, revealing, unexpected way—it's how these fascinating women are practicing self-care even after enduring adversity."


That said, often my morning routine is not entirely my own.

"The truth is I have two teenage boys and so sometimes my morning rituals are dictated by their needs. I don’t have to drive my son Arion to school every morning, but on the mornings I do, we are in the car by 6:15am. On these days, I usually enjoy my 'me time' after I’ve got him all sorted."

Confession: I'm not big on breakfast.

"I think I unknowingly subscribe to some version of intermittent fasting. I drink water first thing with my vitamins and enjoy one cup of coffee—either black or with oat milk. That fuels me until late morning when I might have a smoothie or a healthy lunch that usually consists of salmon and vegetables, salad, poke, or sushi—generally pretty clean."

How well I take care of myself is ultimately projected into the world.

"The face we put forward to the world is a reflection of all that we consist of inside. The love we feel, the assortment of our beliefs, our convictions and virtues, our compassion for ourselves and others. I believe that we are all connected and that when I am the healthiest and best version of myself, I am in turn contributing to a larger more collective oneness that includes all of us! Make yourself, and then the whole world goes ‘round a little better."


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