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Inside Whitney Port's Surprisingly Minimal Morning Routine

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We chat with The Hills star Whitney Port about her morning routine, and how takes time for herself in the AM.
We chat with The Hills star Whitney Port about her morning routine, and how takes time for herself in the AM.

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We wouldn't blame Whitney Port for wanting to sleep in.

It seems, after all, that her life has revved into overdrive now more than ever. This past June marked the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings, the much-awaited revival of the beloved MTV show where so many of us first met Port back in 2006. And yet, feeding our mid-aughts nostalgia is only a small part of her day-to-day: Port also serves as the co-founder and Chief Brand Director of Bundle Organics and recently launched a popular weekly podcast, With Whit. This is all on top of being a very devoted mom to an adorable 2-year-old boy named Sonny.

So it's pretty understandable that Port prefers to use the early morning hours to get away from all of the chaos and demands of her career—to reserve some quiet moments with her family and embrace a bit of minimalism before her day inevitably picks up the pace. Follow along as she shares her routine below.


I very intentionally try not to hit the ground running.

"When I first open my eyes, I try to just lay there for a while and not think about my to-do list. I try to think about how to approach the day, and how I’m going to approach it with a positive mindset. I say all the things I am grateful for and think about all the love I have, which usually puts me in the right mindset for my day!"

In that same spirit, my favorite morning rituals are simple but effective.

  1. "[For starters,] I say good morning to my husband, hug him and tell him I love him. It's just so important to shower the people you love with love. It goes such a long way, because I can give him the love he needs to feel positive about the day, and I get it in return. Unless we have a bad dream about each other, ha!
  2. "Hot Yoga—it is so important to me that I do this. It doesn't happen every morning, but I leave that room with so much energy and happiness. It's addicting!
  3. "I make Sonny breakfast. I love cooking for Sonny. I don't love cooking for myself so much, but it feels so good to know I am nourishing Sonny for the day."


"The early morning hours are some of the few times I can actually be alone, so I savor every minute."

Speaking of breakfast…

"I have three go-to meals. The first is scrambled eggs, well-done, with grated cheddar cheese, some avocado and a slice of sourdough toast. This is on a day when we have time to make it…and by we, I mean [my husband] Timmy. The second is plain whole milk yogurt with granola from Whole Foods. It has almonds and dried cherries in it, and I love it!

"Finally, a smoothie: My go-to recipe is yogurt, cashew milk (love the creaminess), banana, dates, cinnamon, spinach and ice! So simple but SO good and filling."

Even when things are particularly crazy and I have an early call time, there's one ritual I absolutely cannot start my morning without.

"Honestly, I hate to admit it, but I love my coffee. I know I sound so basic, but it's not even the caffeine I crave, it’s the taste. I seriously savor it and look forward to it every morning. I make it in my Nespresso machine and use vanilla creamer. I just love it!"

Above all else, it's my time to get back to myself.

"The early morning hours are one of the few times I can actually be alone, so I savor every minute. I can actually think clearly about my intentions for the day without any distractions."


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