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In-Store Events

Make Your Self: Parenthood

Whether you’re a first-time parent (or third), learning never ends in the world of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting. Join us and our community of experts for an 8-week series that will delve deep into everything - from registry must-haves (and don’t-bothers) to feeding tips to sleep training to maintaining your identity and everything in between

Wed, May 18

9am - 10am

Thinking and Trying, Truthfully featuring Katerina Schneider, Founder & CEO, Ritual, in conversation with Erica Chidi, Co-Founder & CEO, Loom

Whether you’re thinking about having a baby, trying or not not trying, you’ve probably have a lot of questions crawling through your mind. We’ll touch on the many elements of starting a family from emotional (am I ready to be a parent?) to physical (fertility, IVF, and egg freezing, oh my).


Tue, May 24

9am - 10am

The Great Cabinet Detox featuring Lindsay Dahl CIO, Ritual, Emily Hazlett, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Genexa, & Shel Pink, Founder, SPARITUAL, & Author, Slow Beauty

Ritual was founded in this practice, when our founder Kat took stock of all the products going in, on, and near her body when she was pregnant for the first time. Let’s dive deep into how to get your medicine cabinet and cleaning closet ready for pregnancy and postpartum and learn practices for identifying clean, traceable products.


Wed, June 01

9am - 10am

Birthing Intentions and Your Care Team featuring Lindsay Dahl, CIO, Ritual, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg, OBGYN & Author, Willie Larson & Clancy McCarty RNs & Co-Founders of Pregnancy Pathways, & Sara Howard Licensed Midwife & Lactation Consultant

Doulas, midwives, OBs, therapists, lactation consultants. Let’s map out the different options you have for labor & delivery care teams and support systems throughout the entire pregnancy and birthing journey.


Wed, June 08

9am - 10am

Postpartum Rediscovery featuring Joy Chua-Schwartz, VP of Business Development, Ritual, Jessica Diggs, Licensed Midwife, Carine Carmy, Founder & CEO, Origin, & Keya Nkonoki, Founder, Moms at Om

Once overlooked as a key part of the journey, it’s time to get honest about the challenges, joys, sorrows, and surprises of caring for yourself during the 4th trimester of pregnancy. When you know what to expect, you’re better equipped to handle this remarkable phase during which you’re getting to know someone entirely new (and we’re not necessarily talking about the baby).


Tue, June 14

9am - 10am

Nourishing Baby: Feeding is a Spectrum featuring Jane Helpern, CD of Copy, Ritual, Dr. Corky Harvey, MS, RN, & Lactation Consultant, Esther Hallam, Founder & CEO, Nara Organics, Jadah Parks Chatterjee, RN & Lactation Consultant, & Vanessa Chambers, MSN, RN, & Maternal Newborn Nursing

Are my nipples supposed to hurt, how come nobody tells you about combo feeding, and what on earth is this side lying position I keep hearing about? We’ll discuss breast and chest feeding, the real deal on formula, and the truth about pumping and dumping (hint: you might not actually need to).


Wed, June 22

9am - 10am

A to Zzz’s of Baby Sleep featuring Lindsay Dahl, CIO, Ritual, in conversation with Heather Turgeon, Psychotherapist, Sleep Specialist & Co-Auther, The Happy Sleeper & Generation Sleepless

New to the idea of sleep training and curious about how it works? Looking for pointers on how to get through those rough, sleepless nights? Get advice from expert sleep specialists and experienced parents and secure those Z’s.


Wed, June 29

9am - 10am

Where Are All The Cool Parents? Finding Friends as a New Parent featuring Jennifer Cornelius, CPO, Ritual, Ariel Kaye, Founder & CEO, Parachute, Casey (QUIGLEY) Goode, Content Creator, Elise Peterson, Cool Moms Podcast Host, & Lizzy Mathis, CEO & Founder, The Cool Mom Co

The first months of parenthood can be isolating and even scary. We’ll chat with our community of parents about their best tips for finding community post-baby, and how to make “mom friends,” “dad friends,” and “family friends.”