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1 mg

  • Bone Health*
  • Joint Health*
  • Hormone Support*

Why Our Form

Unlike the more common and chemically harsh sodium borate, our food-form boron is preferred by the body with clinically tested absorption and activity.

Vitamins work together

Boron helps make vitamin D receptors more efficient, allowing it to work better in the body.

Found in

Raisins, prunes, and almonds.

Evidence-Based or Bust

We use nutrients backed by a significant body of research that is growing every day. Of the thousands of unaffiliated studies our in-house scientists sorted through to guide our choices, the titles below are the most relevant MVPs.

Calcium fructoborate for bone and cardiovascular health - 2016

Evidence for nutritional essentiality of boron - 1998

Nothing boring about boron - 2015

Effect of boron on mineral, estrogen, and testosterone metabolism in postmenopausal women - 1987

Calcium fructoborate: plant-based dietary boron for human nutrition - 2009

There are 12,627 studies on Boron and counting

Substantiation is a living, breathing thing. We are constantly reviewing new research. Have a study you think we should take a look at? Send it our way:

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