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Meet John Hunter & Hartley Pond from FutureCeuticals, our Boron Producer

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Learn about boron and why this essential nutrient is so underrated.
Learn about boron and why this essential nutrient is so underrated.

Essential Takeaways

  • Produce has trace amounts of Boron. Chemists have been able to reproduce the exact molecule that nature makes, so we were no longer limited by quantity.

Tell us a little about your company.

VDF, our parent company, started over 100 years ago in Northern Illinois as a culinary herb farm. We now have one of the largest freeze-drying operations in the world, supplying dried herbs to major companies like McCormick spices. About eighteen years ago, we began to see a lot of interest in fruits and vegetables in supplements. We believed that we could apply rigorous research to developing powerful products grown on our own farms. Today, under the name FutureCeuticals, we’re the industry leader for science-based fruit and vegetable-derived formulas. To support our efforts, we have a research center in Irvine, CA, which is the hub for this kind of biotech, and we’re constantly adding to our team of researchers and biochemists. We even have a doctor on staff who comes from the cancer research field. As a team, we’ve been able to file upward of 60 patents; our idea is to set people up for much healthier aging.

And what about Fruit-X-B?

FruiteX-B is our version of calcium fructoborate, a plant mineral complex that occurs in certain fruits, vegetables, and legumes. To get scientific for a moment, it’s an intact single molecule entity comprised of a portion of a fruit molecule attached to a boron atom and a calcium atom. In studies, it’s been shown to lower inflammation and offer huge benefits for things like joint and heart health.

In the case of this particular complex, you don’t extract it from your produce. Instead, you’ve found a way to mimic it. Why is that?

The reason we don’t directly extract it is because it’s only found in nature in trace amounts—not enough to offer any real benefits. Because of this, we’d have to waste huge amounts of fruit to get enough to make a difference for people. Luckily, our chemistry group was able to reproduce the exact molecule that nature makes so we were no longer limited by quantity.

And your production process?

Our process is the result of hundreds of thousands of dollars of research, and we’re incredibly proud of it. We feel it’s something the supplement industry could put down as a poster child for quality. We first use a very healthy, non-GMO fructose, and our calcium and boric acid are all lab-grade. We then combine all of this in a very gentle reaction that creates a molecule that’s the exact replica of what’s in nature. Every batch gets rigorously tested against a known standard, and we also test both the ingredients when they arrive and the final product when it’s ready to ship.

Tell us a little more about the research behind the complex.

This particular complex is something that’s been hyper-concentrated into a modality that you can use for direct, targeted effects. We’ve produced 14 peer-reviewed academic papers on FruiteX-B, and the results have been trully compelling. In one study, we compared it to glucosamine, which a lot of people take to bring down inflammation and reduce joint pain, and we were able to show that our complex was able to increase flexibility and reduce joint pain in just 14 days versus at least 90 for glucosamine. Because our mission has been to find complexes that produce excellent results for people as quickly as possible, we were extremely happy with these results. Our work is also ongoing. So far, we’ve focused our efforts on the joint and cardiovascular side of things, but we could envision one day doing a study to see if this could help reduce, say, redness and inflammation in skin.

For what kinds of purposes should people like us be taking it?

In our office, we all take it twice a day. It’s important that people not think of this as the same kind of vitamin or mineral you’d get in your daily diet that’s just been added to a pill. We look at it as something designed by nature that you can’t get from nature alone. It’s a unique way to support overarching wellness by reducing inflammatory markers and promoting general longevity.