Essential Ingredients

Dr. Luke Bucci on AnMar International, our Vitamin B12 Producer

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Essential Takeaways

  • The beauty of synthesis is that it’s an incredibly clean process compared to trying to extract B12 from beef liver (richest food source).
  • You can have a synthesized vitamin that is also nature-identical & bioactive, which is what the body sees in the diet.

First, why did you think it was important to have vitamin B12 in the formula?

Why do we need B12?

What were some of the considerations you had when selecting the form of B12 you used for Ritual?

To be both vegan and nature-identical, Ritual’s B12 is synthesized. It’s also generic. Tell us some more about how all that comes together.

Tell us a little about how this one is manufactured.

What about dosing—how much is in the Ritual version?