It's time
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Ritual started with a simple question: what exactly is in women's multivitamins? This is the story of what happened when our founder Kat started searching for answers — the story of Ritual.

For skeptics,
by skeptics.

We’re not about pseudoscience and half-truths. So, when we set out to develop Essential for Women, we wanted something simple, effective, and backed by real science. We challenged some of the top scientists to dream up the perfect daily vitamin for women. The result is everything we think a vitamin should be.

We know
our suppliers.

For us, creating the perfect vitamin is more than just combining great ingredients—it’s working with companies that care as much about their supply chain as we do. We’ve worked tirelessly to find the right partners worldwide with the ingredients that meet our standards. At Ritual, true transparency isn’t just something printed on a label.

No B.S.

We care so much about what we put in and on our bodies, but when it comes to vitamins, we still rely on blind faith. Too often, companies make their process and formulations intentionally confusing to keep their customers from knowing what’s really going on. We’re proud of the product we’ve put together with no unnecessary ingredients and with nutrients in their best forms. So go ahead and look under the hood—we want you to.

Created for and by women who wouldn’t settle for less than the truth.


When I was pregnant, I turned my house upside down to get rid of products with ingredients I couldn't get behind. I replaced everything from my cleaning supplies to my deodorant. But, in my search for the perfect prenatal vitamin, I found many of those same questionable ingredients. I couldn't find a brand that I trusted, so I decided to build my own.

I founded Ritual with the belief that better health begins with better ingredients. With us, you’ll know where everything is coming from and why it’s there. Some call it obsess-iveness, we call it traceability.

Welcome to your new daily ritual.

Katerina Schneider

CEO & Founder

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