Vitamin K2

Found InNatto, hard cheese, and egg yolk
FormMenaquinone -7
Source Synthesized Vitamin K2
SupplierKappa Biosciences
Final Location of ManufacturingOslo, Norway
FunctionDietary Ingredient
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Vitamin K2


Bone Health*

Heart Health*

The form of non-soy MK7 that we use has been shown to last longer in the body.*

Vitamin K2 is a calcium-helper nutrient.*


Vitamin K2

Evidence-Based or Bust

We use nutrients backed by a significant body of research that is growing every day. Of the thousands of unaffiliated studies our in-house scientists sorted through to guide our choices, the titles below are some relevant MVPs.


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There are 12,596 studies on Vitamin K and counting

Substantiation is a living, breathing thing. We are constantly reviewing new research.

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