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When our founder Kat started Ritual, she had one mission: to inspire healthy habits that make women feel their best every day. The first step was to create a new kind of daily multivitamin—a multivitamin supported by the latest research on common dietary gaps through different life stages. Kat teamed up with supplement industry vet Dr. Luke Bucci, and they gathered a team of researchers—together, they reinvented the process for formulating multivitamins.*

Kat and the team broke from tradition and made something from the ground up. The Ritual team’s process was to start with evidence, absorbable forms, prioritize clean ingredients, and make everything easy to use. And the process worked: Ritual first developed Essential for Women—the reimagined everyday multivitamin. Now, the Ritual product family is quickly expanding to support different life stages and members of the household.*

It took Kat and the team a whole lot of work to create a process for making products that satisfied their standards of quality and efficacy. But everything good takes time. And that’s how they did it their way. In the spirit of transparency and Traceability, here’s how the Ritual method works.

Start with Evidence

Before we even begin making a product, our in-house science team reviews thousands of human research studies. This search for evidence helps us decide what exactly should go into our products and why.

All of this research also helps us determine the ideal forms of key nutrients we include. Nutrients come in many varieties, and some work more efficiently in the body than others. We look to research to tell us which forms we should use.

Find Ideal Forms

When it comes time to source our ingredients, we scour the globe for the ideal nutrient forms. The nutrient forms your body can efficiently utilize are often the same forms found in healthy foods. However, these nutrient forms can be hard to find, which is why we have to search the world for them. Our nutrients are truly international: we use Magnesium from Utah, Vitamin E from Argentina, and Omega-3 DHA algal oil from Canada, just to name a few. We find our ideal forms and worry about cost later. Thanks to our direct-to-consumer model and operations wizards, we don't compromise quality or price.

Keep it Clean

In addition to letting science lead the way, we strive to create a clean multivitamin. Simple, right? Well, not so much. Because of our commitment to clean formulations, we’ve actually had to challenge a lot of standards. Our suppliers often say, “There’s the way we do things, and then there’s the way we do things for Ritual.” We never take no for an answer in the pursuit of truly high-quality products.

Design for simplicity

Trying to be health-conscious is already hard; your vitamin regimen shouldn’t make it harder. Even though everything we do to create our products is pretty complicated, we design with user ease in mind. Good examples of this are the beadlet-in-oil technology used in most of our multivitamins and the capsule-in-capsule technology used for Essential Prenatal. These innovative multivitamin designs put both oily and dry nutrients into one multivitamin formulation.

Another good example of simple, easy design lies in scent: Most of our multivitamins come with a minty tab in every bottle and a lemon tab graces every bottle of Essential Prenatal. Both tabs are made with essential oils, and both tabs help make the multivitamins more pleasant to take, since a lot of people don’t love the ocean-y scent of our vegan Omega-3 DHA algal oil. Adding a pleasant, clean scent is a simple solve.

All in all, Ritual’s philosophy is about products that make sense for your health and your day-to-day life. It should be easy. So we make it that way.


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