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Inside a Clean Beauty Expert's Morning Routine

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Beautycounter's Lindsay Dahl takes us inside her non-toxic morning routine.
Beautycounter's Lindsay Dahl takes us inside her non-toxic morning routine.

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If the public-facing rise of non-toxic beauty seems relatively recent, it's only thanks to decades of advocacy behind the scenes by people like Lindsay Dahl. After spending years in both Minnesota and D.C. fighting for environmental health reform—namely, calling out all the potentially harmful ingredients found in many consumer products—Dahl joined the team at Beautycounter as SVP of Social Mission, leading the brand's initiatives for clean beauty advocacy and policy change.

As you could probably imagine, Dahl very much lives and breathes the ethos of Traceability and sustainability that she's spent her career fighting for—and that mindfulness is highly evident in her morning routine, from the breakfast ingredients she sources from her local farmer's market to (of course) the skincare and makeup she applies. Take a look at her favorite early-hours rituals below.


I definitely identify as a "morning person."

"I’ve loved the peace of early mornings dating back to high school. Mornings have always been a time for me to have a moment of solitude. I find I can sink into those early hours before I’m hit by the frenetic energy of the workday."

"Most Americans don’t realize they use dozens of products before they head out the door for work."

"From the products I put on my skin, to the breakfast I eat, to the clothes I wear on my body, I try my best to live a clean and non-toxic lifestyle. My morning shower and beauty routine is full of Beautycounter’s incredible body, skin care and makeup products— including the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 and the Brilliant Brow Gel. I usually like to tidy the kitchen before I leave, which involves doing dishes with Seventh Generation's Free and Clear Dish Soap. The food I pack for lunch or eat for breakfast is generally from the local farmer’s market, Costco (amazing organic deals) or the co-op. And I try to wear clothes that are either secondhand, vintage or ethically-sourced. I’m not perfect, but I have had years to slowly change over the products in my home!"

My breakfast rotation is pretty solid.

"I have three go-to meals: oatmeal, organic eggs, or a smoothie with pea protein powder, sustainably-sourced collagen, and bananas."

As for the rest of my morning rituals, I keep it simple.

  1. "I love bringing my 6-month-old daughter into bed for a little family time. We sing songs, talk about the day, and get some snuggles before rushing off to work. I try to spend as much time as I can smelling the top of her head—any new mom will get it!
  2. "I love using Beautycounter’s Balancing Face Oil in the morning— it’s a little 'me' moment and protects my skin from the elements.
  3. "I’m now a Ritual convert and take my morning multivitamin alongside breakfast, which gives me the confidence to know that I’m nourishing my body (and therefore my daughter’s) with key nutrients for optimal health.
  4. "If I’m lucky I’ll sneak in a run on the beach, because there is nothing better than starting your day with fresh ocean air."


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