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Behind the Scenes with DSM, Our Vitamin A Palmitate Manufacturer

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Meet DSM, the manufacturer behind our vitamin A.
Meet DSM, the manufacturer behind our vitamin A.

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To start, can you tell us a little about DSM and what sets the company apart in the nutraceuticals space?

We don’t just focus on the products we create, but the purpose behind those products. We know they help nourish our family, friends, and ourselves in the food that we eat and the supplements we take.*

Our customers trust us. They trust our science, our people, and our products. We work in tandem to create a healthier world by innovating faster, more efficiently, and with enduring success. This includes expert services that help our customers co-innovate at every stage of development and ultimately contribute to a healthier world.

Can you talk a little bit about vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a term for a group of lipid-soluble compounds related to retinol. It is important especially for helping support normal vision and normal immune function.*

Preformed vitamin A is one form of vitamin A—the form found in foods like egg yolk, dairy, meat and fish, and in Ritual's Essential for Men. We have more than 20 different forms of Vitamin A.

What distinguishes DSM's form of vitamin A from others on the market?

DSM offers a complete portfolio of high-quality and reliable dry and liquid forms of vitamin A in standard and high potency options. This nutrient displays strong stability performance in food, beverage and dietary supplement applications. DSM’s Vitamin A Palmitate also has a CEP (Certificate of Suitability).

What does the manufacturing process look like? How is the vitamin A sourced and synthesized?

We constantly strive to maintain and advance our own high-quality standards. Our aim is to not only be the benchmark for the industry, but to give our customers peace of mind. We apply industry-appropriate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to operations worldwide. Every part of the process—from sourcing to production—is managed to the highest levels of process safety.

We continue to evolve our manufacturing process expertise and patent portfolio to find improved ways to synthesize vitamins, especially Vitamin A. Some of the ways we look to improve manufacturing processes is to address energy consumption and simplified purification steps. DSM’s expertise allows us to find improved ways to manufacture with methods that are feasible for global scale up, and sustainable.

How does DSM prioritize sustainability in its manufacturing?

At DSM, we feel strongly about doing well by doing good and our company strategy is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We define sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” All of DSM's operations, across six continents, are moving to 100% renewable purchased electricity including solar, wind and hydroelectric. DSM is committed to sourcing 50% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2025. Our commitment has been recognized repeatedly by our peers and the business community. One example is that we’ve been ranked for consecutive years in the top five of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. DSM is uniquely involved in all three main steps of the value chain: the production of pure active ingredients, their incorporation into sophisticated forms, and the provision of tailored premix solutions.


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