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Vitamin K2 vs. K1

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This often overlooked vitamin is no basic nutrient; Vitamin K’s many complex forms provide a myriad of support for functions throughout your body.*

How Vitamin K lends support

In addition to potentially supporting normal blood clotting, K partners with calcium to help support bone health.*

Vitamin K1 vs. K2

There are two main forms of K: Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 aka menaquinone (MK). K1 and K2-MK function similarly in our bodies, but there is evidence that K2-MK hangs around in circulation longer than K1. More importantly, Vitamin K2 supplementation has been shown to support bone health.*

Finding the right molecule

Vitamin K is complex. Here’s where it gets interesting. Vitamin K2 has several individual sub-forms. These sub-forms have different molecular lengths and are found in different foods. For example, MK-4 is found mostly in animal-based fats like egg yolks and butter, while MK-7 (a larger molecular form) is mostly in cheese and fermented soy.

Out of all the forms of vitamin K, we went with vegan, soy-free K2-MK7 for Ritual.*


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