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Jaycina Almond Answers "Yes" or "BS" About Common Motherhood Questions

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There are lots of myths and misunderstandings around motherhood, many of which don't really account for the fact that every experience is infinitely different from the next. With that in mind, we asked model Jaycina Almond some rapidfire questions—ranging from late night feedings to labor to all the crazy stuff that happens to the body during pregnancy—to learn how her experience actually panned out. Find her answers below.

Yes/B.S.: When you become a mom, self-care goes out the window.

Can I answer with yes and BS?! It’s definitely harder as a mom to take care of yourself, but carving out the space to practice your self-care routines is imperative.

Yes/B.S.: 2am wakeup calls get easier with time.

Yes! I think eventually your body just adjusts. It definitely sucks waking up so many times during the night, but as time passes you kinda naturally wake up.

Yes/B.S.: I was completely aware of the changes my body would go through ahead of time.

B.S.! I had no clue my body could even stretch as much as it did!

Yes/B.S.: Pregnancy inspired me to take a closer look at my wellness routine.

Yes! Pregnancy heightens your awareness about what you are consuming and putting on your body.


Yes/B.S.: Labor is as painful as they say.

B.S.—at least for me! I had an all-natural delivery and I really felt like it was all about the mindset I went into it with.

Yes/ BS: I fell in love the moment I saw my baby.

Yes! I burst out into tears and was able to scoop Syx up onto my chest on my last push! That feeling is incomparable.


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