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Five Fun Things You Can Do With Your Ritual Bottle

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Once a year, Earth Day comes rolling around, and we all work extra hard to recycle, plant trees, and clean up our local beaches. But the reality is that every day should be Earth Day, and companies like Ritual have a big responsibility to create a culture of corporate sustainability and accountability. We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we’ve made efforts to reduce our footprint. These changes include reducing our shipping packaging and in-box collateral. Less paper, less cardboard, less waste.

One piece of packaging is the simple (100% recyclable) bottle that your vitamins come in every month, it’s also totally reusable. Here are some of the fun things we’ve done with our leftover Ritual bottles.

1. Create a Portable Purse Catch-All

We hoard breath mints, gum, cough drops, ibuprofen, and other emergency essentials inside our bottles and then throw them in our purses. Thanks to your Ritual bottle, you CAN be the woman with the clutch stash of antihistamine that saves the friend with hay fever on your group hike.

2. Wrangle Your Desk Essentials

If you’re like us, errant paper clips and thumbtacks are sprinkled around your desk drawer like confetti. Get it together and keep those doodads organized by popping them inside a Ritual bottle.

3. Start Your Seedlings

Green thumb? Give your seedlings a fresh start inside your Ritual container. Poke or drill a little drainage hole in the bottom of the bottle, fill that sucker up with potting soil, and nestle your little seeds inside. Re-pot in a bigger container once your seedlings take root.

4. Bottle Your Bobby Pins or Q-Tips

Make sure you can find a bobby pin when you need it most by corralling your collection in your Ritual bottle. Hair ties, little butterfly clips, and Q-Tips can also be stored in there!

5. Organize Your Laundry Money

No more searching under couch cushions on laundry day. Keep your quarters at the ready by collecting them inside a Ritual bottle. Pro tip: if you have your own washer/dryer and don’t need laundry money, a Ritual bottle full of quarters is a very impressive gift for nieces, nephews, cousins, and offspring under 10. We don’t know why, but kids love quarters very, very much.

BONUS ROUND: Reuse your Minty Tab

That little tab inside your Ritual bottle is packed with pure peppermint essential oil from Yakima, Washington. It’s basically a tiny fresh-maker.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with it when your bottle is empty:

  • Put it in your sock drawer
  • Put your minty tab in other bottles to make your other pills minty
  • Want minty sugar? Pop your minty tab in a small container of sugar--perfect for coffee
  • A few minty tabs in your cup holders = super fresh car
  • Storing coats and knits for the summer? Put a few minty tabs in the box to keep your winter clothes fresh
  • Make minty ice
  • Make your lotion minty


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