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Essential for Women

Postnatal Multivitamin

The postnatal formulated for the new nutrient demands on a mother for 6 months postpartum, and throughout lactation.*

  • Designed for a mother’s nutrient needs postpartum*
  • 2-In-1: A convenient daily multi plus Omega-3 DHA*
  • Delayed release capsule + a minty experience
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Mom to Baby Support

Natal Choline

Natal Choline in a clinically-backed form to support baby’s cognitive function from infancy to early childhood when taken during pregnancy.*

  • In a clinically-backed form & dose for baby brain support when taken during pregnancy.*
  • Helps improve baby’s year one information processing speed when taken during pregnancy.*
  • Helps promote sustained attention in early childhood when taken during pregnancy.*
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Gut Health


3-in-1 clinically-studied prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotic to support a balanced gut microbiome.*

  • 3-in-1 traceable prebiotics, probiotics & postbiotic
  • Includes two of the world’s most clinically studied probiotic strains
  • Relieves mild & occasional bloating, gas, and diarrhea
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Wrinkle Support


Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and improve skin smoothness, all in one daily capsule.*†

  • Clinically proven to reduce crow's feet wrinkles by 356%*†
  • Clinically proven to improve skin smoothness by 290%*†
  • †Compared to placebo, based on a 12-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study on 63 women and men ages 26 to 64 years old
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Brain & Heart Health

Omega-3 DHA & EPA

A daily 500 mg dose of vegan Omega-3 with a science-backed 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA, designed with a citrus taste and minimal burp-back, all in one capsule.*

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    Essential Protein

    Daily Shake Pregnancy & Postpartum

    The clean, traceable plant-based protein with an excellent source of Choline to help support new nutrient needs during pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation.*

    • 20g of protein + an excellent source of Choline
    • Plant-based and formulated without sugar
    • Handcrafted vanilla flavor + USA grown peas
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    All of our products contain key nutrients.

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