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Welcome to The Journal. Here, we read labels, ask questions, and explore with a healthy dose of skepticism. Because knowledge is essential.

Ritual's inspiration is proof, we'll never stop obsessing over the science behind our product.

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Why You Need Vitamins

When starting Ritual, the first thing our founder Kat wanted to know was: do we even need to take vitamins? This simple question led Kat and Dr. Luke Bucci on a research quest that lasted over a year.

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More Than A Multivitamin

Unlike other vitamins, Essential for Women delivers nine nutrients in one bottle.

Did you know?

Our nutrients are the forms your body likes, and identical to what’s in healthy foods

Invest in your health
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The Benefits of Essential for Women

Ritual cares about what's happening inside your body.

The Ritual Method

4 min read

First, our in-house science team reviews thousands of human research studies.

We only include the nutrients you need— and all the information on why, how, and where we find them.

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Ritual's Ingredient Philosophy

You might have noticed that, here at Ritual, we can’t stop talking about our commitment to quality ingredients. But what exactly does that mean?

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Vitamins Are Better Together

Like humans, many nutrients work more efficiently when they work with each other.

Did you know?

Certain nutrients help your body absorb what you already get enough of from your diet.

Invest in your health

Ritual started from the ground up to make a truly revolutionary vitamin.

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The Making of Essential for Women

The Ritual team created a product development process that we’re proud to call our own. So how exactly did we build Essential for Women? Let’s break it down.

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Ritual's Reinvented Capsule

Our special beadlet-in-oil capsules are better for nutrient absorption.

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Meet Our Minty Tab

This extra tab comes in every bottle to keep it minty fresh.

What we're talking about around HQ that you should know, and the answers to the questions you’ve been asking.

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Why There’s No Calcium In Essential for Women

Studies show that you need more than just calcium to help your bone density.

Why Plant-Based Nutrients Are Not Always Better than Synthetic

3 min read

Many people assume that plant or food-based is best because it’s what the body is used to getting. The truth is that your body doesn’t know the difference between a plant-based nutrient and the identical synthetic molecule.

1 min read

Can I Take Essential for Women If I Am Trans or Non-Conforming?

When it comes to biological nutrient needs, we’re not all that different.

2 min read

Can I Take Essential For Women If I Am Post-Menopausal?

Your nutrient needs change as you get older. Essential for Women may fill only some of them as you age.

Nutrients and Your Hormonal Health

2 min read

The nutrients from our diet can be critical to the proper production and/or functions of some hormones.