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You asked, we answered. Read about why Essential for Women was created, how it works, and deep dive on nutrition. Consider this a crash course on everything Essential.

Our all time favorite questions - answered.

5 min read

Your Primer to Prenatal Vitamins

Most doctors and scientists agree that taking a prenatal vitamin is a must, but most of us don’t know why.

Nutrients and Your Hormonal Health

2 min read

The nutrients from our diet can be critical to the proper production and/or functions of some hormones.

5 min read

The Benefits of Taking Essential for Women

It's more than how you feel, it is important to keep your body healthy as it ages and changes.

5 min read

Most Women Are Getting Enough Calcium From Their Diet

Studies show that you need more than just calcium to help your bone density.

Not all nutrients are created equal. Seriously, they all work differently in the body.

Did you know?

Certain nutrients help your body absorb what you already get enough of from your diet.

Invest in your health
5 min read

How Ritual Defines High-Quality Ingredients

The type, form, and dosage of each ingredient can have a crucial impact on your health.

To make something great, you’ve got to start from the ground up.

The Ritual Method

4 min read

First, our in-house science team reviews thousands of human research studies.

What we're discussing at HQ.

The Truth About Personalized Vitamins

3 min read

Identifying issues like nutrient deficiencies or heavy metal burdens is very different from matching preferences like “more energy” or “better skin.”

3 min read

Why Plant-Based Nutrients Are Not Always Better than Synthesized

Synthesized nutrients can sometimes be the best option for your body.