How I Stopped Taking the Pill and Started Mastering Myself

A Ritual from Michelle Mattar

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Michelle's Ritual How I Stopped Taking the Pill and Started Mastering Myself
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We think when you find that special habit that helps you truly transform your life it elevates into something sacred– A Ritual. We’ve asked friends, mothers, entrepreneurs, models and more for the rituals that changed their lives and how you can adopt their practice to change yours, too.

I was prescribed the pill at a young age because of a family history of ovarian cysts– which made it hard to tell what was my birth control and what I had taken away from puberty. Here’s how I dealt with the transition off the pill and the journey of getting to know the ups and downs of my own body.

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Get plenty of sleep

A full night of zzz’s both combats stress and serves as the reset your body needs in order to keep hormones at healthy levels. Plus, it’s hard to tell what is low energy or a mood swing when you’re not setting yourself up for success every day.


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Keep track of things with an app

Expect that your body is going to need time to adjust. Keep an eye on your irregularity so you can make sure you’re getting back on track and know what to expect. My favorite app is Clue, it’s good for tracking symptoms and can always predict what’s coming.

My go-to tools:
"I got acne fit for a yearbook photo and almost gave up. After one month, it cleared up and so did so many other things. I've never felt more like myself."
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Keep your magnesium levels up

Upping your intake of the hormone-regulating mineral can keep unwanted symptoms like bloating and cravings at bay. Magnesium is especially important during your period because as estrogen and progesterone are elevated, magnesium is depleted. I take Ritual, it supplies 50mg of the best-quality Magnesium, is easy on your stomach, and fills the gaps in your diet with other hard-to-get nutrients.

Magnesium-Rich Papaya Bowl


  • 1 small papaya
  • 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 prickly pear
  • 1 tablespoon of pecans, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon of pomegranate seeds
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder
PT5M Serves 2


  1. Slice the papaya in half, and scoop all the seeds out.
  2. Slice the prickly pear in rounds.
  3. Fill the papaya halves with yougurt and top with fruit, pecans and cinnamon. Enjoy!

Take Note

The best part about this recipe is you can use whatever fruit you want for the filling- same goes for the nuts and spices. Have fun with it!

Image: Ben Zank

Ask someone you trust for feedback

Here’s the thing: Sometimes when we feel irrational, we also feel justified. A big side effect I felt from the pill (and what made me decide to go off) was irritability. I asked the closest person to me, my mom, to give me on-going feedback on my behavior as I transitioned off. It’s hard to be so self-aware sometimes, but it’s better to hear from someone who has your best health and self in mind.

Adopt this Ritual for yourself

Michelle Mattar

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Michelle started her Ritual 5 Months Ago
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