The Benefits of Taking Your Vitamin

From stronger bones to a better mood, taking a vitamin can come with a whole host of benefits. You’re probably curious about what’s been happening inside your body since you started your new vitamin habit. We can’t tell you what all vitamins do because they vary so much from pill to pill, but we can tell you what our vitamin, Ritual’s Essential for Women, does for your body at the one, two, and three month markers. Let’s dive in.

After 30 days:
vAfter the first three weeks of getting sufficient nutrients, your body reaches a new, balanced state that we like to call equilibrium. By now, you’re getting a steady stream of Ritual’s essential nutrients. If you were deficient before, your body is getting back to balance and replenishing areas that were depleted.

After 60 days:
You have an entirely new outer layer of skin after just a couple of months. Since you’ve been taking Ritual during that time, those fresh new skin cells were formed with more vitamin E, especially the gamma kind that’s in food but not in most supplements. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that may help your skin’s ability to fight off external irritation and free radicals—baddies that cause signs of aging. You might also have boosted protection against the damaging effects of sun exposure (not an excuse to skimp on SPF, but still cool).

After 90 days:
Three months in and your blood is starting to see the benefits of full nutrient sufficiency. After 90 days of Ritual, every new red blood cell in your body has been formed with the full amount of essential nutrients, including enough iron, folate, and B12 for some seriously robust hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to your tissues—a pretty important job considering that we can’t live without oxygen for more than a few minutes. With more oxygen in your tissues, you may perform better at the gym and feel mentally sharper.

From immune support to heart health, the benefits of taking EFW just go up from here. Keep at it and your foundational health will be better than ever.

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