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Channel Your Power with This (Literal) Self-Reflection

by Alyson Charles (the Rockstar Shaman)

The daily ritual I adhere to and most recommend is the simple but extremely powerful practice of seeing and honoring yourself each morning before you embark about your day. Before I leave the house each morning, I stop in front of my mirror and really look into my eyes - my soul - and speak affirmations such as, "I love you, Goddess. Thank you. I honor you. I see you." And sometimes my hand naturally places itself on my heart as I speak, sometimes I catch myself giving an honoring nod to me at the end. Allow what feels right for you.

Our external is always a reflection of our internal, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's how massively important self-respect and self-worth are. When you give your soul that, it can relax, it can be in its full power and it can breathe and shine brighter. When you begin your day activating your love and personal power, you are operating from that place of magnificence in every moment, interaction and business dealing. And this, in turn, will elevate the way you are honored and seen by others. It took a lot of work for me to fully know and own who I am, and there is no greater feeling than that journey and that discovery. I want the same for you. Shine on!

Alyson Charles (the Rockstar Shaman)

Alyson Charles may not look like your traditional shaman, but this former national champion athlete’s program was named a Top Meditation To Try by Oprah and made a cover story in Marie Claire magazine. She has collaborated with ELLE, the National Geographic Channel, Bloomingdales, CBS Radio, Amazon, Lululemon, Yahoo, THINX and many others companies on programs, events and platforms through with to heal and share sacred knowledge and divine energy with others.

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