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Know Your Iron

We geek out about all our nutrients, but one of them that gets us really excited is ferrous bisglycinate chelate aka FBC, Ritual’s form of iron.

Iron is a major must-have when it comes to staying healthy. As anyone who’s ever been anemic knows, you experience a serious case of the slumps when you’re deficient. That’s because iron carries oxygen from your lungs into your cells, and you need oxygen to feel energized.

So how did we choose our form of iron? Dietary iron forms can be divided into two major categories depending on how they are absorbed in our gut: heme iron and non-heme iron. Simple, right? Stay with us. Heme iron is found only in animal products, and is the most absorbable type. Non-heme iron is plant-based, but is often less absorbable than heme iron. This is iron-ically due to the fact that non-heme iron absorption can be inhibited by some healthy plant-based foods like nuts, beans and kale. (Just when we thought kale had our back…)

Our founder, Kat, is vegan, so we knew we wanted to choose a non-heme form of iron when making Essential. But first we had to find a version with a chemical structure that’s easier for our body to absorb. Vegan-friendly FBC fit the bill. It’s basically iron that’s bound to amino acids. This binding situation mimics some of the absorption properties of heme iron without the animal byproduct baggage.

Here are some of the other reasons we <3 FBC:

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