Fact vs. Fiction: Investing in Your Foundational Health

Taking a vitamin isn’t like being bitten by a radioactive spider; you’re not suddenly going to be able to fly from rooftop to rooftop or defend New York City against a stream of menacing villains. The benefits of small daily habits like taking your vitamins might be more humble, but they’re still super important for the long term health of your body. In that spirit, we’re addressing some of the biggest myths and truths surrounding health changes.

Fiction: Faster Results are Better
Better health takes time. There’s no food fad or supplement on the planet that’s going to yield major changes in a matter of hours or days. If you think about it, it makes sense. While some tissues in your body (like your skin) regenerate every few weeks, many areas of your body take a lot longer to show improvements. Your bones, for example, can take up to a year after you make a health change to show real improvements. That’s because your bones take a long time to regenerate and mature.

Fact: Little Changes = Big Impact
Even the smallest health changes can yield big results over time. Little steps like taking a daily vitamin can help all the cells in your body get plenty of the essential nutrients they need to function their best. It’s the same for things like daily exercise and hydration habits. Even small daily improvements in movement and water intake can help your body feel its best over time.

Fiction: I Should Be Able to Feel Something Happening
When you start a new ritual, it’s tempting to search for that “Wow, I feel so much better” feeling. While taking a vitamin might help you feel better, it’s okay if it doesn’t. You’re still experiencing health benefits. The benefits you “feel”--happier mood, boosted energy--are just bonuses when it comes to improving foundational health. A lot of other stuff that you can’t feel is going on, like healthy bone maintenance. Perception is different for everyone, and better health can be a subtle change because it’s easy to feel good without noticing.

Fact: Getting the Right Nutrients = Better Foundational Health
Ritual’s Essential for Women has the nine nutrients that women don’t get enough of from diet alone. These nine are crucial to everyday functions like bone health, energy levels, heart health, and skin renewal. Getting enough of these nutrients can help everything--from your mood to your immune system--be better.

for Women

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