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50 mg

  • Calmness*
  • Heart Health*
  • Bone Support*
Adequate (62%-80%)

Why Our Form

Ritual is the first company in the US to use this proprietary magnesium that is protected from interactions and absorbed better than other common forms of magnesium.

Vitamins work together

Magnesium balances calcium levels in all cells in order to operate enzymes, receptors and cell machinery.

Found in

Lentils, dark chocolate, and green leafy vegetables.

Substantiated by more than 200 studies and more every day

Top 6 Studies Selected by Our Scientists

Low magnesium intake = poor mood

Dr. Felice Jacka

University of Melbourne, Australia

Magnesium helps blood circulation

Dr. Xi Zhang

Indiana University, USA

Sucrosomial® magnesium absorbed better (animal study)

Alesco s.r.l. Data

European Food Safety Authority allows claims for magnesium about bone, muscles, metabolism

More dietary magnesium means better heart health

Dr. D.T. Dibaba

Indiana University, IN, USA

Dietary intake of magnesium not adequate for bone health

Dr. Robert Rude

USC, Los Angeles, CA

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