Meet The Buzzy Multivitamin All Your Favs Are Raving About

Wendy Smith, Blogger  

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Meet The Buzzy Multivitamin All Your Favs Are Raving About

It feels like social media is all about being health-conscious these days: bathroom counter skin-care pics, meal-planning posts, and gym selfies sometimes dominate our timelines. But there’s a pill that some of your favorite people are posting about that you might have yet to meet: the Ritual multivitamin. Say hello to your new best friend.

The thought of taking vitamins doesn’t always feel cute; it can feel like something your mom reminds you to do, like cleaning your room. But one multivitamin company is changing the game, using premium, high-quality ingredients and making them look chic. But their look is functional, too (more on that later). Ritual vitamins would make your mother proud, plus all your favs — from Los Angeles to New York City — won’t stop posting about how excited they are to take them.

So what is this magical Ritual, you ask? Ritual is a company that believes in making your habits — all of them, even the simple act of taking vitamins — into a gratifying process. And founder Katerina Schneider decided that in order for a multivitamin to be satisfying, it needs to be actually good for you, too.

That philosophy of using only good, clean ingredients has a lot of women shaking their heads “yes!” Many have related to founder Katerina’s story of designing a product around what’s best for a woman’s bod. Katerina was pregnant and was shocked to find that most multivitamins contained the same toxic stuff that her household cleaners did. So she set out to create a better alternative, no matter who told her that it was impossible. She sought out Dr. Luke Bucci, one of the leading scientists in the industry, and convinced him that her vision was possible. She said, “I need you to develop a multivitamin you would want your wife to take every day.” And that’s exactly what he did.


The result of Katerina’s journey? Essential for Women, a daily vitamin made with a clear, vegan cellulose capsule. The daily vitamin contains nine essential nutrients missing from the average woman’s diet in their most optimal forms (like vitamin D3 instead of D2, because D3 is what your body most easily processes and is the same form as found in the foods you eat.) The capsule contains both oily (like omega-3s and D3) and dry ingredients (like magnesium and k2), kept separated for maximum absorption in your body. The difference between Ritual and other multivitamins is literally crystal clear: you can hold it in your hand and see the liquid move with all those little nutrient-packed beadlets, like a little snow globe.

Beyond creating what some people are calling the highest-quality vitamin on the market, customers are posting that their vitamins taste like Thin Mints, making Ritual *also* the best-tasting vitamin on the market. Ritual tries make the experience of having a daily habit as awesome as possible; it’s all in the details.

When you have a ritual to stick to, it can shape the rest of your day and make your health, and ultimately your life better in the long term. Ritual tries make the experience of having a daily habit as awesome as possible. Recently, customer feedback told Ritual that the vegan algal oil they used (for Omega 3’s) smelled fishy to some customers. In response, Ritual added a mint insert made from fresh peppermint oil, so that taking vitamins would actually smell good. Now, customers are saying they taste like Thin Mints, making Ritual the best-tasting vitamin on the market. When it comes to Ritual, it’s all in the details.

Fans of Ritual have taken to social media to say just how great and glowing Ritual makes them look and feel, which is a testament to what a good multivitamin routine can bring to your life. And what’s the point of taking multivitamins that don’t make you feel great anyway?

If you’re ready for a life-changing Ritual, you can get started right now.

Popularity doesn’t always equal quality, but Ritual’s fans have a lot to say: the multivitamin has quality ingredients, the claims have science to back them up, and taking it is something you can actually look forward to (hi, minty freshness!) In the case of Ritual’s Essential for Women — made with the only nine nutrients your body needs, and no gross filler — you can totally believe the hype.

"Ritual imagined a vitamin that offered only essential nutrients and detailed information about what they do and where they come from."

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