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Watch Ritual's Science Team Discuss Formulation Updates

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Essential Takeaways

  • Vitamin formulation should go beyond average diet gaps and consider specific lifestyles, genetic makeups, and how vitamins work together.
  • Of the three Omega-3 types, DHA has the most amount of research on brain health.
  • The FDA has finally published updated Daily Value labeling guidance that all companies will adopt in the coming years.

At Ritual, our philosophy is quite simple. A multivitamin should only contain nutrients that you lack. But the science behind the nutrients you actually need is complex and constantly evolving. For example, new studies around nutritional intake are being published frequently, scientists are discovering more impactful nutrients, and technology behind nutrient delivery is only getting better.

You might have thought that you’ve simply bought a multivitamin, but you’re actually part of a living, breathing, evolving product.

We invited some of our very first customers to Ritual HQ to talk through some of the new Essential for Women formulation advancements. Here's a look inside Ritual's first-ever Behind the Science event.

Too long, didn’t watch? Here's the gist.

New Magnesium Form

We updated our DiMagnesium from Sucrosomial® Magnesium to a chelated Dimagnesium Malate form that has no excipients and has human study evidence of absorption. Because this form is more potent we are decreasing the dose from 50mg to 30mg.

New Omega-3 Source

Because of the importance of DHA, we’ve switched to a DHA-only form of vegan Omega-3 and increased the dosage to 330mg. We have also found a new partner, Algarithm, who shares the same ingredient philosophy as us.

Removal of Flavors

Essential for Women no longer includes peppermint oil or vanilla flavor inside the capsules because our new peppermint inserts included in each bottle provide a fresh scent and great flavor.

New Daily Values

The FDA has published new labeling guidance. You will notice some changes on your label to the Daily Values. This does not mean the dosage has changed (except for the changes to the Omega-3 and Magnesium dosage that we’ve noted above).