Essential Ingredients

Meet Max Motyka from Balchem, our Iron Producer

7 min read

Essential Takeaways

  • Iron is a very oxidizing product, which means it degenerates easily. Balchem encapsulates the molecule by coating it.
  • The timing of how the coating “melts” off helps ensure that the iron is absorbed in the best area of the digestive tract, which prevents nausea.

Can you tell us a little about the company?

From Balchem’s perspective, why is iron a key ingredient in supplements?

How can we tell if we’re iron deficient?

Balchem’s created what we think is a game-changing delivery system. Can you tell us about that and why it’s so important?

Why does it matter where in the digestive tract the iron is absorbed?

Your product also eliminates iron toxicity concerns. Is that through the same mechanism?

How is your iron sourced and manufactured?