Katy Allan Answers "Yes" or "BS" About Common Motherhood Questions

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There are lots of myths and misunderstandings around motherhood, many of which don't really account for the fact that every experience is infinitely different from the next. With that in mind, we asked Katy Allan—who you might recognize as the blogger behind Savoring the Flavoring—some rapidfire questions for a more unfiltered look at what pregnancy, birth, and momming is really about.

Below, she tackles breastfeeding, labor, and more.

Yes/B.S.: When you become a mom, self-care goes out the window.

B.S. I definitely don’t have time for super regular appointments for things like facials or massages, but I always make time for a hot bath or a workout with girlfriends (or taking my vitamins!). Whatever you prioritize, you will carve out time for.

Yes/B.S.: Breastfeeding came very naturally to me.

B.S. I suppose it came naturally in that all three of my boys latched on pretty easily and ate really well, but the first month—especially with my first—was always kinda tough for me. It was really painful those first few weeks—so painful that I think I invented a few new curse words every time the baby would first latch on. Once I got that first month under my belt though, it was a lot better.

Yes/B.S.: 2am wakeup calls get easier with time.

B.S. They never get easier for me, but you do just adapt and make it work. I never thought I could survive on as little sleep as I did when my sons were newborns—especially my first, who was colicky and very stubborn.

Yes/B.S.: I felt like a mom as soon as I found out I was pregnant.

YES! That feeling of knowing I had a little person growing inside me made me instantly feel like a mama.

Yes/B.S.: I knew the changes my body would go through ahead of time.

B.S. No one properly prepared me for all the changes that would happen. It was a lot.

Yes/B.S.: Pregnancy inspired me to take a closer look at my wellness routine.

Absolutely yes—as did having my sons. I wanted to make sure they were as healthy as possible and that I’d be around a long time for them, which meant digging deeper into not only food quality, but also switching over to non-toxic cleaning and bath products. I didn’t start thinking about things like sunscreen or vitamins until I became a mom.

Yes/B.S.: I fell in love the moment I saw my baby.

1000% YES—although I was already in love with them before I even gave birth. But I’ve never felt the level of obsession that I have for my boys for any other human or thing. I just stared at them constantly when they were first born.