Good For You: A Ritual Podcast
Good For You: A Ritual Podcast

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Good For You: A Ritual Podcast

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Essential Takeaways

  • Em & Victoria Host Good For You, a Ritual podcast.
  • Let's dig a little deeper into the science of how we can be our best selves, starting with the power of habit and giving more meaning to the decisions we make every day.

Good For You: A Ritual Podcast

Hosts: Em Gladders & Victoria Hoff

Episode 1: How to form a habit

The mechanics and behavioral changes needed to form a habit. And accidental relationship advice from a phycologist on trying to change someone else’s habits.


  • Dr. Heather Silvestri—a private practiving pshycologist out of New York helping people to be more empowered over their lives by making some internal changes and to have more agency over how their lives are going.
  • Leigh Winters, MA/MS—a neuroscientist and natural beauty expert. She currently works in biotechnology developing science-based treatments for chronic skin conditions.

Because forming a new habit is really about relaxing the executive functioning, it equalizes all of us, right? I mean, this is why puppies are trainable and very much so because each sort of like trying to play to the sort of animal in all of us.

—Dr. Heather Silvestri